Insurance Adjuster Recommendations

5) Action Plan: Craft an action plan for support of normal business and maintenance operations during the incident and its investigation.

Top Ten Recommendations for Insurance Adjusters

1) Request a Comparative Bid

2) Licensed TCEQ Medical Waste Transporter

3) Identify Duplicate Chemicals and/or Equipment Charges

4) Response Company

5) Action Plan

6) On-site Counseling

7) Communication

8) Media Cooperation

9) Victim’s Liaison

10) Reasonable Services

Please review the top ten recommendations for Property Managers and Insurance Adjusters that offer ways to mitigate the property damage caused by trauma scenes and response mechanisms needed when facing the remediation of the scene.  From client counceling to semi-gloss paint, these guidelines offer approach options for property professionals and adjusters when facing the challenges of a traumatic event.

Property Manager

Insurance Adjuster

Biohazardous Disposal (TCEQ) and Traumatic Event-Related Services

Disease Outbreak Infection Control

Should your family or business interest meet a challenge that involves the potential of the spread of infection, you need a compliant professional with the capability and experience to resolve the issue.  Not only are we on the response plans of organizations should this happen, we have institution-wide infection contol experience from when they experieced an outbreak.

Hoarding or Gross Filth in a Home or Apartment

Our processes will combat this biohazardous affected environment with EPA approved disinfectants and deodorizers and cutting edge equipment. You can be confident that the hoarding issue will be handled with the sensitivity and professional capability required to restore the environment.

Decomposition Cleaning and Hygiene Restoration

Once the biohazard remediation is completed, you will be able to restore the use of your home or business. The regulated waste recovered from the decomposition affected environment will be disposed of through a compliant third party who will provide industry recognized “cradle to grave” documentation.

Discreet Death Cleaning Home and Commercial

USA Decon trauma scene decontamination technicians are compliant with the OSHA Engineering, Work Practice, and Administrative Controls required to perform this type of work. We are bonded, carry over and above the insurance required, and have over a decade of experience cleaning death scenes.

Meth Lab Testing and Unit Decontamination

Do you own a rent house, apartment, or hotel where someone operated a clandestine methamphetamine lab? We can test your structure, give you 3rd-party lab results of contamination, and decontaminate the residual residue from the operation of the meth lab.

Licensed TCEQ Biohazard Waste Disposal

Conventional biohazard medical waste producers such as doctors, dentists, coroners, urgent care and hospitals, surgical centers, and allergy clinics can now start saving money on low cost, no contract TCEQ regulated waste disposal. Request a quote now.

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